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Cloanto rilascia Amiga Forever 2013 e C64 Forever 2013
Siccome tra di noi ci sono tantissimi nostalgici dei bei tempi dell'Amiga e del Commodore 64, Cloanto rilascia "Amiga Forever 2013" e "C64 Forever 2013".

Si tratta di distribuzioni commerciali di software, emulatori e sistema operativi perfattamente funzionanti aggiornati rispettivamente per il Commodore Amiga e per il Commodore 64.

Tutti i dettagli nel comunicato (in inglese) rilasciato da Cloanto:

"May 13, 2013 - Cloanto released today Amiga Forever 2013 and C64 Forever 2013, the latest versions of the award-winning Commodore-Amiga preservation, emulation and support suites for Windows.

The 2013 editions for Windows had a focus on making the software easier to use, while providing new and more powerful features for advanced users and content creators. For example, the packages are easier to download and install, and emulated systems can be "repaired" with one click after unintended changes. Power users can now build ISO images and portable USB drive environments, use the visual Screen Clip Editor to better blend old screen modes into modern systems, or experiment with the new WinFellow emulation plugin or with a fresh build of the AROS Research OS. Outside the player, the RP9 thumbnail handler adds a new level of eye candy to File Explorer.

"One of the most fascinating challenges of user interface design has to be how to please both novice and sophisticated users. The attempt to keep things as simple as possible often limits learning and can be perceived as a 'dumbing down' by a more demanding audience", noted Cloanto's Mike Battilana.

"Even looking at recent versions of Windows, Mac OS and Linux, you can feel the pain of some choices. In today's search engines, queries that used to work reliably have become less precise. Word processors won't let you select the exact characters you want. Lacking perfect artificial intelligence, we are increasingly being 'autocorrected' beyond recognition".

C64 Forever brings us back to an era in which users knew that they were, or could be, in complete control of the machine, rather than vice versa. Tens of millions of home computers came with a powerful reminder of this, as they included a programming manual. Even today, the Amiga continues to inspire for how it elegantly met the needs of different audiences, leaving a feeling of freedom rather than one of artificial limitations. In addition to preserving access to a digital culture of tens of thousands of games, demosceneI creations and other titles, we are trying to introduce new generations to these different angles, as we are convinced
that this deeper perspective can help achieve a better view of the future

In Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 2013, the same interface transparently connects to three different emulation engines, giving consistent access to more than 25 computer models, all with fully licensed operating systems. The shared RP9 file format makes titles easily portable across computers and software versions. While novice users only need to press Play, advanced users can Edit titles and browse through options that are designed to also help understand how the software works.

Amiga Forever 2013 is available now in three editions:

Value Edition (downloadable installer)
Plus Edition (downloadable installer with option to build DVD ISO image)
Premium Edition (downloadable Plus Edition plus boxed software and additional videos on 3 DVDs)

C64 Forever 2013 is available now in three editions:

Free Express Edition (feature-limited version)
Downloadable Plus Edition (downloadable installer with option to build CD ISO image)
Boxed Plus Edition (downloadable Plus Edition plus boxed CD)

Amiga Forever and C64 Forever passed official Windows 8 logo tests on both x86 and x64 systems. Prices for both Amiga Forever and C64 Forever start from %249.95 (special upgrade offers)".

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