Problemi ancora in vista per Battlefield 3

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Problemi ancora in vista per Battlefield 3

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Ecco alcuni commenti su Battlelog che - dopo l'uscita della prima patch per il gioco - riassumono 160 pagine di insulti vari a Dice:

I have never seen so much fail from a game release

epic fail of the update

I do not believe that EA has failed in an update in such proportions

it failed to address the below issues/concerns which have been discussed by the community since release.

I can't belive that this are the same guys who made the best online games ever - BF 1942, and BF2

What a joke, this is the worst patch ever. ea/origin should really pull their heads out of their arse.

Great Patch. My game is now absolutely broken

Worse patch EVER. I crash constantly now making the game unplayable. Even worse then before.

Completely unplayable now

You are a huge company full of professional developers, take one month to produce one big patch, promise us all kinds of updates and fixes and THIS is what you come up with?

I'll just go back to Skyrim, it doesn't crash, nor does any other game besides Battlefield 3. Great update, the game worked better before.